Why The Direct-to-Consumer Model Benefits Everyone In The Golf Industry

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Many people before you have often asked what the direct-to-consumer model is?

At Sub 70, we have designed and implemented a system, which embodies what golf club manufacturing and sales should be. There is no ‘middle man’ or  ‘dealer’ markups that can hike up the price of golf clubs. 

Your clubs are designed, skilfully handcrafted at our headquarters in Sycamore, Illinois, and shipped by us, directly to you, the customer. 

To explore the reasoning behind the success of our direct-to-consumer model we will showcase a few points as to why this works so well, for both us and you the customer. 

  • We dont believe in paying millions of dollars for advertising to convince our customers. Our demo programs allow our customers to try our products for themselves to better understand our clubs.   


  • Sub 70 operates out of one facility in Sycamore, Illinois. The comparatively low costs of our facility allows us to get our products out to you at a fair price and quicker than other companies would, using the same business model.  


  •  We are willing to work with any golfer that chooses our equipment, we are not interested in signing any lucrative sponsorships with tour players which directly increases the price for you the customer.


  •  Our philosophy at Sub 70 prohibits us from releasing a new product unless an obvious gap exists within our product lineup.We simply don’t believe that the science behind most of the industry changes so quickly that we should be releasing products every 6-12 months, unless something comes out that performs significantly better than a previous product.
  • We can't stress this enough, ‘middle man’ or ‘dealer’ markups CAN be avoided in order to bring a fair price to the table for all golfers so that they don’t need to mortgage their house off to buy a new set of clubs. In the end ‘dealer’ markups can hike up the price of equipment by 40% to 50%. This is an outdated sales model that proves to be evidently insufficient, and expensive, however working directly with Sub 70 cuts the unfair costs and brings you great quality products for a much lower price. 

We believe that golfers should get the chance to play with clubs that resonate with them on a more personal level, therefore we believe that the factory direct model helps us stay in touch with you, in order to provide quality customer service, and in turn provide quality built golfing equipment that screams you!

We hope that you will have a future with Sub 70, as we are so eager to help and improve the game of golf for everyone.

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