Our Story

The roots of Sub 70 lie in the haze of the July heat of the Midwest, where a 9 year old boy stood on the roof of his parent’s barn for hours at a time, working out-of-round balata balls through the trees and fence posts of the property with his groove-worn Junior Pro 6 iron. Jason Hiland will still tell you that one of the greatest days of his life was when his father brought him to the local farm store and let him pick up that set of junior clubs and bring them home. Jason can recognize the pull of the gentlemen’s game in his earliest memories, and has spent his life working to help people experience the same sense of excitement and joy that he felt when he first held those clubs.

There was a time when your golf clubs were handcrafted by a man you knew. They were built by a man that lived in your city, and who might even be part of your Saturday four ball. Back then, the man that built your clubs cared not just for the quality of the clubs he built, but for the results they gave, and the joy they imparted at every well struck shot. While it is no longer feasible for every golfer to buy clubs from their local Old Tom Morris, Jason wants to bring back that feeling of pride, quality, and shared joy in the game, and Sub 70 Golf is how he aims to do it.

Sub 70 Golf is a company founded on a genuine love of golf, and a wish to share that love with others who feel the same. While other companies talk advertising budgets, profit margins, and five club launches per calendar year, Sub 70 is quietly providing the highest quality clubs at the lowest possible price, and creating a community of golfers that love the game and identify with the message. Forged in the same fires as many of the artful irons of the major club makers, Sub 70s irons are stately, but buttery soft and easy to hit. Sub 70 putters are milled from whole ingots of the highest quality carbon steel, and hand painted, just the same as the eponymously named putters that command half a thousand dollars. Sub 70 wedges are CNC milled and hand ground to tolerances tighter than a U.S. Open fairway, and the woods and hybrids carry in them every piece of technology you would find in a $600 club, without the hype machine once again telling you that this new driver is the longest one ever.

Most importantly, however, is the guarantee. Just like that local club builder back in the day, Jason and all of the Sub 70 team want to know that their clubs are performing, and that the player with Sub 70s in their bag is happy to be part of the Sub 70 family. When you invest in clubs from Sub 70, you will receive a set of handcrafted, custom built sticks that Jason and his team of professional fitters and assemblers have put together just for you, with steadfast attention to detail and the highest level of pride. When you open the box, you will find a handwritten note from your assembler, with a phone number to call if you have any questions or concerns about the clubs. What Jason and the people at Sub 70 hope you will also discover in that box is that playing Sub 70 makes you part of a family with a shared memory of great shots, great scores, and great joys, like the feeling of being 9 years old again, standing on the roof of the family barn, and hitting balls through the trees until the sun goes down.