Forged Irons

 The Sub 70 639 CB Forged Iron is a tremendous cavity back players iron that offers an incredibly soft feel, a clean look, and workability. At the same time, the 639 CB is also our most forgiving forged iron model. Utilizing the same DT-4 steel as our other forged iron models, the 639 CB irons offer incredible responsiveness and consistent, reliable performance. The 639 CB should be considered by any player that wants a soft forged feel, the workability of a player's iron, a compact players iron head, but also wants to retain some forgiveness on mishits.

Raw finish club heads are meant to rust and create a patina over time. They will arrive with a dull satin appearance but do not actually have a finish applied to them. These heads will begin to rust and build character as they are introduced to moisture and the elements.
Black finish club heads offer a clean, distinct look while also limiting glare and other distractions for the player. The Black QPQ finish has been developed and tested extensively. It provides a significant durability upgrade from the standard Tour PVD finish while providing more of a matte black look.
Satin finish club heads are elegant and timeless. The most popular finish amongst amateurs and professionals alike, the satin finish will keep your clubheads looking sharp for years to come. Without making any bold statements, the satin finish allows the craftsmanship and beauty of your clubs to speak for itself.