Introducing the Sub 70 639 CB Irons

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Sub 70 639 CB Irons 

Ask any golfer and they will tell you that there's nothing better in the game of golf than hitting the sweet spot on the clubhead. 

Now that is easier said than done obviously, but you can have certain golf clubs that improve the chances of that happening. It’s important to note that one's level of golf also determines how often you hit that sweet spot, but it doesn't hurt to get as much help as you can possibly get even if you are a scratch handicap golfer. 

Sub 70 offers a whole range of iron designs matched to your own custom needs. One of these designs are the 639 CB forged irons. Trust us when we say that these look and feel like a golfer's dream. The soft stainless steel used to forge these irons offers a clean responsive feel after hitting your shot, while proving that you can go the distance and retain the control you need to get the desired score. 

What makes this set of irons so appealing for golfers is that it is designed with a rounded leading edge and sole, meaning it will provide a much improved turf interaction when hitting a golf ball towards your intended target. This helps with forgiveness off the face, as well as making it easier for the golfer without affecting the workability of the club. 

In the end, this design offers golfers more creativity with the necessary forgiveness, so that you can go and try the things you weren't confident in before. These clubs are a  new trusted companion to go along with in your golf journey.

We also offer the 699 and will soon offer the TAIII irons. The 699 is the successful combination of Sub 70's desire to offer an iron that uses the latest in-game improvement technology but keeps the sleekness of a traditional player's club, inspiring confidence for power at delivery. The Sub 70 TAIII irons are the product of two full years of collaboration between the team at Sub 70 and the paradigm of championship golf urbanity. We’re proud to offer what is truly an exceptional collection of irons, wherein each iron was built individually to obtain a specific unique flight and attribute without sacrificing the look of the irons. 

We can't wait for you to try any of the beautifully hand crafted custom Sub 70 clubs.

Team Sub 70 signing off. 

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