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Over the years, the golf equipment industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry constantly pumping out ‘new’ and ‘improved’ equipment almost yearly. Marketed as a quick fix to improve your game -  be it your driver distance, more spin, or just lower scores, these promises often lacked transparency and accountability.

It was this lack of transparency and accountability that allowed Adam Beach, founder of MyGolfSpy, to realize the shortcomings in the industry from the side of the manufacturer as well as the ignorance of the customers to the products they thought they were buying as compared to what they were actually receiving.

Golf companies have become more concerned with marketing than with the actual performance of their products, and profits have become more important for them than the golfer.

To bridge this gap of misunderstanding between the manufacturers and their customers, Adam Beach launched MyGolfSpy as an impartial and autonomous website that puts the golfer first based on a system of truth, not hype and performance, not marketing. MyGolfSpy was the first of its kind product-testing venture in the golf industry that would publish their test results either rewarding good performance or calling out poor quality. Beach refused to accept any form of compensation from manufacturers while solely focusing on building his website as a haven for golfers looking for performance. 

Founded on a mission to inform and protect the golf consumer, MyGolfSpy aims to provide quality reviews and honest reporting to ensure the consumer gets the most of their time, money, and performance. MyGolfSpy operates on four core guiding beliefs:

  • The Golfer Matters: As they put it, MGS exists because of the consumer, and everything they do focuses on the needs and desires of the individual golfer.
  • 100% Datacratic: Everything MGS does and says is based on ‘cold, hard data’ acquired using scientific measurement and analysis.
  • Proudly Unbiased:  MGS does not accept any ad revenue from any golf manufacturer and ensures their content is never in conflict with their business of delivering unbiased truth.
  • Fiercely Independent: The lack of sponsorship allows MGS to have a unique voice and point of view unlike the rest of the industry that is greatly controlled by the interests of the big manufacturers.

Beach along with his staff has a dedicated test facility based in Virginia, where they conduct thousand plus hours of tests on all types of golf equipment, be it balls, clubs, shoes, and even bags. Unlike other run-of-the-mill reviewers who usually hit a couple of balls and then give their opinions, MyGolfSpy runs through 10,000 shots with humans and a robot in almost a three-month-long process. This is done to ensure the data derived from these tests are fair, honest, and devoid of human error. 

MyGolfSpy has revolutionized how golfers go about buying their golf equipment. MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted seal has recently become more popular and trustworthy than Golf Digest’s Hot List seal. To win the MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted seal of approval a product needs to statistically beat all its competitors in a head-to-head test. Apart from the Most Wanted, MGS also has a Golfer’s Choice and an Editor’s Choice seal.

 The Golfer’s Choice seal is based on a survey done by MGS to identify which brands are being chosen to be added into their bags by their readers. 

The Editor’s Choice Award is MGS’s annual title awarded to honor those products, technologies, and companies based on the opinions of the MyGolfSpy staff, player feedback, and, in some cases, our belief in how a product will impact the industry landscape in the future.

So the next time you see any of these badges, you can be assured, these are in fact either the best or extremely popular amongst golfers.

Visit MyGolfSpy to read more about us and our products!

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