One stop shop for all left-handed golfers

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Imagine buying a fully CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milled putter for under ₹18,000?  It might sound something out of a fiction novel but we can assure you, for Sub 70, it’s really not, whereas other major OEMs offer fully milled putters while breaking the ₹30,000 barrier.

A golf putter is the most important club in the bag. If you don’t have a golf putter that you like, it will have a tremendous impact on your golf game. Putters are easier to produce compared to other clubs, therefore it should be of no surprise that we offer more than 6 putters to choose from, as our putter cohort is loaded with popular head shapes. Every Sub 70 putter is milled from a billet of 1045 carbon steel which leaves no welds, castings or inconsistencies in the head. This is the best way to make a putter head and you will not find a more solid, great feeling putter.

 Aesthetically each of the Sub 70 putters offers a clean, classic black and white color scheme with traditional alignment lines. Our heads are slightly heavier than the industry standard as we feel it allows a more natural pendulum like putting stroke. They are mostly one-piece putters with no face inserts. You can really choose any style putter you may like from our lineup as we have a style for everyone

One important thing to be noted is that these putters are easily customizable, with Sub 70, you get the club to your doorstep exactly as you need it.

At the end of the day, a putter is the tool required to ultimately put the ball in the hole, and with Sub 70 putters, you will not only accomplish that with ease, you might just be able to compete with people above your weight class.

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