What Do The Sub 70 Irons Bring To The Table For Your Golf Game

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Sub 70 iron models come in many different variations - forged, casted, and hollow bodied head options. Each iron model comes with its own set of benefits for golfers of varying skill levels. Whether you’re looking for game improvement, or more precise shots, Sub 70 irons will improve your game regardless. 

Below you’ll find the insights behind our irons on offer on our website.

  • The Sub 70 639-CB Forged Irons are a workhorse for the player who seeks distance and control while retaining feel. Each club head is forged precisely for exceptional feel and responsiveness when hitting the ball, and the back of the club is designed with a custom milling process to give it that slick and high quality look our clubs are known for. The club head is made out of DT-4 soft stainless steel for the utmost responsiveness, and is designed with a rounded leading edge and sole to give the player much more appreciated turf interaction. 

  • The Sub 70 639-MB Forged Raw Iron is a study in beauty and efficiency of design. While these irons are a more traditional blade, that offer a thin club head look for the top down with maximum workability and trajectory control, it also provides a muscle back design to give extended distance if needed. These club heads are also made from DT-4 soft stainless steel, for ultimate responsiveness and feel. These irons are ones of moderate face size, to give confidence as well as forgiveness without having to sacrifice distance. 

  • The Sub 70 639 MB Plus was designed by the club makers at Sub 70 in response to a consistent question they got during their many years of building clubs and fitting golfers, am I good enough to play a blade? Like its brother the 639 MB, the MB Plus is a classic looking iron that is forged from DT-4 super soft steel, which provides the same smooth feel and responsiveness that players specifically look for in a blade. The top line has been slightly widened, the offset deepened, and the heel to toe length of the blade made minimally longer. These three changes were precisely tested until the club had the largest possible sweet spot while also allowing workability and feedback to the player. The added muscle back provides ideal launch parameters and maximum energy transfer for increased distance. Perhaps most importantly, all have the combined effect of instilling confidence at address, allowing a player that once asked the question, to now have an answer.

  • The Sub 70 699 is for the golfer that requires the newest technology in game improvement without sacrificing looks and shot making ability. The precision milled face is a 1.7mm wide sliver of 455 Carpenter Steel, which allows for maximum compression and face flex for added ball speed, even on mishits. The hollow bodied head is injected with TPE, a resin-like substance that secures the face and creates an improved feel and sound at impact. The 699 is the successful culmination of Sub 70's desire to offer an iron that uses the latest improved technology but still has the polished look of a traditional player's club, once again inspiring confidence at address and power at delivery.


We also offer the 699 Pro as the newest addition to the award-winning irons offered by Sub 70. We have taken the best of both worlds and combined them to form the 699 Pro. It is suggestive of a blade, while being as technologically beneficial as possible. While retaining the technological benefits offered by the original 699 head, the 699 Pro refines those characteristics into an iron that looks and feels like a classic player's iron while still performing as efficiently and powerfully as technology will allow.

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