What Do The Sub 70 Wedges Bring To The Table For Your Golf Game

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Sub 70 Wedges cover the whole spectrum of mid-range golf, be it low-handicap golfers who want consistency or mid-to-high handicap golfers, who are looking for improvement when it comes to their short and mid-range game.

It goes without saying that you need wedges that offer accuracy and consistency. All Sub 70 wedges are fully forged, offering the softest feel possible, while also offering a milled face for incredible spin control.

  • The Sub 70 JB wedge series is designed exclusively by Sub 70 master club builder and former professional golfer, Jeff Bushnell. The JB Wedge is forged from 1020 carbon steel, with a milled face to provide impressive spin control and feel. The JB wedge is available in three different finishes: satin, raw, and black, each has a unique look and feel. This wedge series is made for golfers that focus on specific techniques required to hit a different array of shots depending on the playing conditions at where they are, for example, grass type, distance to the hole, etc.

One of our foundational beliefs is that we will never release any new clubs unless it significantly improves performance.

  • The Sub 70 286 wedge series does just that, forged from effortlessly soft DT-4 Steel, with a CNC milled face for the utmost in control and club feel. Available in satin, raw and black finishes for a sleek look to be proud of. The designers at Sub 70 added a third port to the head, which our repeated testing has verified results in improved ball flight without forfeiting spin or bite around the greens

These wedges will bring the utmost control and feel to your mid to short range game, as well as make you stand out from the crowd with the neat looking club-heads.

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