An Introduction To Sub 70 and Founder Jason Hiland

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If you are a golf enthusiast, you might be already familiar with Sub 70. In the US, we are extremely popular for offering technologically advanced clubs of the highest quality, and soon we will be offering the same in India too

We wanted to introduce ourselves and tell you our story, so you get an insight into what makes Sub 70 a one-of-a-kind Golf store. 

It all started when a nine-year-old Jason Hiland first picked up a set of junior clubs given to him by his father. To this day, Jason still reminisces about that day, which he fondly remembers as one of the greatest days of his life. He still remembers when his father took him on an impromptu visit to a local store for a shiny new set after he got done with practising on the roof of his parent's barn with his groove-worn Junior Pro 6 Iron. His excitement was beyond what words could ever describe, and, that’s the same excitement Jason wants our customers to experience when they hold their very own set of Sub 70 clubs. 

While Jason attended the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh, he was a member of the golf team, never willing to let go of his first love - golf. Following his graduation in 1995, Jason wanted to use his business degree to work in the golf industry and immediately launched his first company, Diamond Tour Golf

Jason Hiland has been in the Golf equipment business for more than 25 years now. Following Diamond Tour Golf, he established Hurricane Golf in 2008 before he finally launched his passion project, Sub 70 in 2018.

Sub 70 is a company that’s founded on genuine love and passion for golf. We produce the highest quality clubs at affordable prices and are trying to redefine the expectations of golf equipment across the globe. 

At Sub 70, we don’t just sell our products but take pride in building customer relationships by offering them the best buying experience. Therefore, in order to accomplish this, we work directly with our customers rather than selling our products through retail outlets, local golf clubs etc. Now, if you are wondering how we offer the highest quality at a lower price, it’s because we cut out the middleman. So, if you are a passionate golfer, who wants to get the most out of your golf budget and wants to play with high quality, custom-built clubs, Sub 70 is the brand for you.

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