Sub 70 Sycamore 009 Mini Putter (Right Hand)
Sub 70 Sycamore 009 Mini Putter (Right Hand)
Sub 70 Sycamore 009 Mini Putter (Right Hand)
Sub 70 Sycamore 009 Mini Putter (Right Hand)
Sub 70 Sycamore 009 Mini Putter (Right Hand)
Sub 70 Sycamore 009 Mini Putter (Right Hand)
Sub 70 Sycamore 009 Mini Putter (Right Hand)
Sub 70 Sycamore 009 Mini Putter (Right Hand)

Sub 70 Sycamore 009 Mini Putter (Right Hand)

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Your Gateway To Unwavering Stability

When it comes to putting, stability is often the name of the game. The Sub 70 Sycamore 009 Mini Mallet is engineered to offer unparalleled stability in a more compact footprint than the regular-sized 009. This mini mallet putter is as stable as they come, making it one of the most reliable putters in the Sycamore line. With its anti-twist design and weighting, the 009 Mini Mallet is designed to keep your putts on the right path.

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Key Features

  • Exceptional Stability in a Compact Size : The Sycamore 009 Mini Mallet provides the same remarkable stability as its larger counterpart, but in a tidier footprint. Golfers can trust this putter to deliver the stability they need.
  • Anti-Twist Design and Weighting : The 009 Mini Mallet boasts an anti-twist design and strategic weighting, making it one of the most forgiving putters available.
  • Triple Sight Lines : Ball-width triple sight lines on the putter help players visualize their path to the hole, enhancing alignment and accuracy.
  • Quality Craftsmanship : Crafted from 100% 1045 carbon steel with a double milled face, the 009 Mini Mallet is as handsome as it is effective. Its premium construction ensures both a refined look and exceptional performance in sinking putts.
  • Customizable Weighting: The 009 mini mallet comes with 15-gram weights in the heel and toe, offering golfers the ability to fine-tune the putter's swing weight and overall feel to match their unique preferences. Additionally, it ships with two 5-gram, two 10-gram, and two 20-gram weights for a fully personalized experience.

The Sub 70 Sycamore 009 Mini Mallet Putter is your pathway to unwavering stability on the greens, all within a more compact design. With advanced stability features, triple sight lines, and quality craftsmanship, this putter is your trusted companion for mastering the art of putting. Make every putt count with the Sycamore 009 Mini Mallet from Sub 70.

Shaft Profile:

  • Steel Shaft - (Stock)
    • The stock steel putter shaft features a sleek, stepless design that is suitable for any putter head. Included in product price. Available in a black carbon finish. 
    • Weighs - 110 gms
  • BGT Stability Carbon -
    • The Stability Putter shaft replaces 50‑year‑old technology. Steel putter shafts stress during the motion of the stroke, which results in the putter face not returning square to the target line. Stability will help you make more putts and reduce 3‑putts with better distance control the very next time you play and provide the same feel and look as a traditional steel shaft.
    • Weighs - 125 gms
  • BGT Stability Tour -
    • The Stability Tour offers a softer feel with a slimmer, streamlined look to give the club a subdued appearance. The 13% reduction in the diameter as compared to the Stability Original, allows the Tour to weigh in at least 10 grams lighter than the Original. The Stability Tour is also 97% stiffer than steel which ultimately leads to better control and less twisting of the head while putting (BGT says the added stiffness equates to an 82% improvement in returning the face square at impact, and a 54% increase in forgiveness on off-center hits because a stiffer shaft twists less). Post-purchase length extension is not available for the Stability Tour.
    • Weighs - 102 gms

Grip (Stock): SwingScience Mid Pistol (Black)

Lie 72
Head Weight 380
Material 1045 Carbon Steel
Standard Length 35"