Get Custom Fit

Golfers of all skills levels need a quality equipment fitting in order to play their best. The Sub 70 online fitting tool will help provide all of the necessary information to get your clubs dialed length, lie angle, shaft flex and more. Our system is designed to provide every detail we need to get each golfer the best fitting clubs for their swing. Every single Sub 70 club is custom built in Sycamore, Illinois when ordered so that we can get you the exact club specifications for your game!

Our online fitting tool is a great resource for fitting information. However, if you need additional information or have questions please feel free to contact us directly. Every Sub 70 club is custom built when ordered and we truly want each golfer to get the best clubs possible. If you have additional fitting or equipment questions please contact our CEO, Jason Hiland, using the information below. Thank you!

Jason Hiland